Inventory, invoice, sales and purchase order management


About Datamoto

The idea behind Datamoto is simple. We believe every organization, little or big, deserves to run business with a set of competitive tools which are as efficient and powerful as any best tools designed for big companies. Besides it should be beautiful, easy to use and customizable to fit the need of small and large organizations.

One of our goals is to reduce the technological competitive advantages among companies. To achieve this we have designed and implemented innovative online software where commonly used ERP features are presented very simple and beautiful ways so that no special training is required to use it.

At Datamoto, we are reinventing and simplifying business processes for smaller companies and at the same time allowing large companies to tackle their complex problems with ease.

So why don’t you increase profitability of your company by running your business in the cloud using Datamoto’s applications?

We are located at San Francisco bay area.