Inventory, invoice, sales and purchase order management

Import and Export

Powerful Yet Simple – Optimize your Inventory and fulfill orders efficiently

DM Parts Supplier International

Datamoto has been designed from the ground up as a cloud application especially for Inventory management. Its multi warehouse support for wholesalers and distributors makes it a fit for importers and exporters. Datamoto supports multi-currency, inventory tracking, order splitting, warehouse transfer, lot tracking, purchase and sales order management.

Quote to Cash

Create a sales order from a quote by just one click.
No data input is required.
Track the original quote from Sales Order.
Fulfill the order.
Enter the payment received.

Inventory – Simple Yet Powerful

Items kiOng (bundling)
Item stock alert
One click to create PO to reorder
Item are automatically linked with purchase and sales orders
Track lot and run recall reports
Average purchase price of an item
Transfer items between warehouses

Purchase order

Create purchase order for goods or services.
Control purchases though budget.
Easy to set cost center and track remaining budget.
Create a purchase order in multiple currencies.
Budget and report are auto adjusted.
Receive order and auto generate bills.

Sales order fulfillment

Ship all line items of the order in one go or split the order.
Pick, pack, ship and track orders.
Invoices are auto generated.
Handles returns and cancels.
For return it tracks original invoice and generates negative invoice.
Create a purchase order from sales order in just one click.

Key Benefits

Enterprise ready

• Supports hundreds of users
• Role based data access
• Customize as it fits to you
• High performance and scales up
• Pluggable to integrate with 3rd party applications

Superb Support

• Award winning support team
• We are executing extraordinary experiences everyday
• Give us a call or send us email at:
• It is free

Feature Rich and Flexibility

• Feature reach – enable/disable module that you want to use
• Well integrated with inventory system
• Invoice and quote applications works independently as well as with other modules
• Start using sales order – it automatically integrate invoice and inventory
• Start using purchase order – it automatically integrates billing and inventory

Data security

• Regular data backup
• Security policies
• State of the art data center is used to protect your data


• Customize your quote, invoice and order documents.
• Setup your own email to send documents to customers.
• Setup tax, payment terms, shipping methods and so on.
• Multi warehouses setup
• Multi currencies

Power of ERP

• Powerful like ERP yet simple
• Feature rich
• Ask us specific features, we will custom develop for you.