Ask following questions to yourself?
• Do you track inventory based on item code, description, lot, serial number, date, quantity, price, location or any combination thereof?
• Do you need to know past activity of each inventory items?
• Do you need alert to be set at item level as well as global level?
• Do you need to know what is current quantity, quantity to be fulfilled and quantity that are in purchase order for any items?
• Do you store inventory at multiple sites?
• Do you transfer items between inventory locations?
• Does your sales force need to be restricted to sale items from a specific inventory location?
• Do you need a global view of all inventories?
• Do you reconcile physical inventory?

If you answer YES to any of the above questions then you will certainly benefit from Datamoto’s inventory integration. The benefits of inventory management are:

Optimize inventory to meet product availability and financial goals
The right inventory mix to satisfy immediate customer demand, while avoiding stockouts or stagnant stock.

Provide inventory visibility to supply chain partners
See a company’s fluctuating inventory levels.

Reconcile inventory accurately in all financial reports
Ensure your annual reports and tax returns are accurate.