Inventory Transfer

If you are a trader, distributor, wholesaler or a seller who maintains multiple warehouses then you may want to transfer inventory items from many warehouses to one. If you maintain batch or lot number then you may like to transfer items by lot and track the transfer. Datamoto provides a simple and efficient way of transferring items across the warehouses. In Datamoto, you can create a transfer document where you can outline all the items, lots and warehouses. Once you save the transfer document, it will deduct the items from the warehouses. But it will not yet add items to the warehouse where items are transferred. Once transfer document is received (by clicking “Received”), then the quantity for the warehouses will be automatically added.

To transfer items, click Inventory —> Transfer

Then click on “Add” to add new transfer document. Here you select a warehouse where you want to transfer items to. Then you can add as many items from any other warehouses to this document. If you maintain lots, then you can also specify the lot numbers. Once done, you can simply save the document. It will create a transfer document and the quantity of all the items from where they are being transferred are deducted. If you want to cancel or edit this transfer document, then simply click on Return to rerun all the items to the from inventories. Then you can edit.

Once items are received, you simply open the transfer document and then click on Receive. It will add the quantity to all the transfer items to the new location.

Datamoto allows you to print transfer document.