It is here!! For users who don’t wish to use this, no worry. By default purchase order approval workflow is disabled. So you wouldn’t see any difference.

What it provides?

– enterprise grade eProcurement
– multi-level purchase order approval
– flexible approvers assignment for each department or cost center
– can set minimum threshold to trigger the multi-level approval
– approver can approve, reject or return PO for more information
– email notification to approver and PO creator
– approve from email securely using temporary approve code
– approve from Datamoto
– ability to resubmit for approval
– ability to change the current approver by authorized users
– access rights control, managers only sees their own POs.

How to use it?

Click on the Setting and General Setting and Cost Center. Then define cost centers (also known as budge heading). Once you define and save it, then click on the Multi-level Approvers button. In this page, it will display all the cost center/budget name and allows you to enter approvers email address. You can also provide the minimum amount which will need approval. This means PO lesser then this amount will automatically approve. If you do not want this minimum amount threshold then leave it empty. Then save. This is all what you need to do.

When you create a PO, assign a cost center. Then Datamoto will automatically drive the approval process depending on the approvers you set for this cost center. Your appr