Inventory, invoice, sales and purchase order management

Sales Order Management

Sales Order Management

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Quote to Cash

You have sent a quote to your customer and then you start negotiating with the customer to win the deal. You can track every state of Quote in Datamoto. Finally, you won the business. Now time for you to convert this Quote to a sales order. In Datamoto, it is just one click to convert a Quote to Sales Order.

Order Fulfillment

Datamoto makes complex fulfillment process very simple. It allows you to combine all the orders from same customer if shipping addresses are matched. You can fulfill items from specific warehouses or specific lots and split the order if needed. You can also save the fulfillment and complete the pending fulfillment later. It generates invoice automatically and adjusts stock level in the inventory. You can print packing list and delivery note.

Sales to Purchase

You want to create purchase order for items when you get an order from buyer. Datamoto allow you to instantly convert a Sales Order into a purchase order and send it to your vendor. It is useful for traders and drop ship sellers. More

Sales to Work Order

You manufacture or assemble products. Your receive an order for products. Now, you want to create a work order to start manufacturing or assembling products. Just by one click you can create work order from a sales order. More

Drop Ship for Seller and Supplier

You are a drop ship seller. You can use Datamoto’s normal sales order process to book your customers orders. Once order is created, you can create drop ship purchase order against the customer’s sales order. If you are a Drop Ship Supplier then you can create drop ship sales order from a drop ship purchase order. When a drop ship sales order is fulfilled, it automatically adjusts the packing list and delivery note with proper shipping and billing addresses as well as seller’s address.

Some Important Functionalities

  • Advance payment or Layaway for a sales order. Generate advance payment invoice. You can add multiple payments on this advance invoice.
  • Track every sales order, quote, invoice and inventory items. For every transaction, all these documents are automatically linked.
  • Order cancellation and returns are supported and invoice and inventory are automatically adjusted.
  • Track every sales order, quote, invoice and inventory items. For every transaction, all these documents are automatically linked.
  • Advance search functionality to find the document.