So many of you have been asking us to use your own email account to send email from Datamoto. Great news. Now you can do it. To use your own email address, you need to first provide few information about your email account. To set this up, simply click Setting and General Setting and then Email. This will open a Email Template setting page. Go to the bottom of this page – you will notice a section called “To Send Email Using My Email Account (Optional)”. Here you need to provide SMTP Host and SMTP port of your email provider (such as yahoo, gmail, hotmail, godaddy etc.). In general, the SMTP ports can be one of the following 25, 587, 465. Consult your email provider or search in google to find your provider’s SMTP port and host. You also need to enter your existing email account (e.g., and password. Make sure you create a new email account for only Datamoto application purpose to minimize the security risk.

Once you have all these setup then click Save. It will try to test the email. If you receive a test email within 1 minute in the email address you provided then you are done. Otherwise, you need to reset the SMTP host/port and email accounts.