Inventory, invoice, sales and purchase order management



Renaming or Hiding Labels

Setting Warehouse Locations

Uploading Items File

Adding Items in Inventory

Inventory Alert Setting

Inventory Transfer

Kitting or Packaging

Bill of Materials

Sales Order

Creating a Sales Order

Quote to Sales Order

Fulfilling Sales Order

Returning a Sales Order

Canceling a Sales Order

Advance Payment – Layaway Order

Pending Fulfillment

Sales Order Customer Notification – Email

Creating Purchase order from a Sales Order

Creating Packing List or Delivery Note for a Sales Order

Creating Drop Ship Purchase order for a Sales Order

Creating Drop Ship Sales Order for Vendor who sells to Client’s Clients


Beginner’s series 1: Setting and Configuration of Datamoto

Beginner’s series 2: Customers and Inventory update including CSV file upload

Beginner’s series 3: Creating quote and invoice

Beginner’s series 4: Creating recurring invoice

Beginner’s series 5: Sales Order Management

 Beginner’s series 6: Purchase Order

Contacts and Reminder Management

Electronics Parts Sourcing

 Purchase Order with Budget – Cost Center

Create Invoice Template, Quote Template, Order Template

Inventory and Order Management Features