Last couple of months you have asked us to add several features in Datamoto application. We are continuously looking to improve Datamoto to support your business needs. We are proud to announce that we have added following features in our latest update.

PDF format – you can configure quote, invoice and purchase order PDF. You can define whether you want your logo and company name be listed on the left or right side of the page.
Work order – you can generate and print a work order from a sales order.
Delivery order – you can generate and print a delivery order from a packing list.
Purchase order PDF – shipping address font color is changed to blue to distinguish it from other text.
Upload customer CSV file.
Upload CSV inventory item file.
We are committed to provide you a state of art business application experience. Every month hundreds of new customers across the globe are joining Datamoto. We are proud that you choose Datamoto solution to help run your business.