Inventory, invoice, sales and purchase order management


Invoice and Quote


Instant Invoice & Quote

Create invoice instantly, convert from quote, email PDF to customer, track it, create recurring invoice. Create invoice for Kit.

Multi-Currencies & Languages

Many languages support in invoice, create invoice with foreign currencies, reconcile account with base currencies.

Invoice Templates

Create your own invoice template, advanced customization, upload your logo, create terms & conditions once and use in all invoices.


Process payment for each invoice and generate account report instantly. You can restrict only your accountant to use this module.


Email your invoice, quote and order PDF document to customers. Attache additional files in the email.

Invoice Tracking

Track your invoice, understand customer’s account standing, improve your cash flow.

Dashboard and Report

What is selling and what is not? What is your cash standing and tax liabilities? Get insight of your invoices and business.

Customers & Vendors


Customer & Vendor Management

You can organize your customers and vendors. Your customers and vendors will appear in dropdown in invoice and other modules.

Easy to create order

Create quote, invoice or sales directly from Customer page. Create purchase order from Vendor page.

Contacts & Addresses

Create multiple contacts and addresses for a Customer or Vendor.

Upload Customers & Vendors

Upload customers and vendors CSV file directly – no more manual entry!




Keeps track of your inventory. At a glance you can find your current quantity in the inventory, quantity in the sales order and the quantity in the purchase order. Select items in invoice from inventory.

Upload Inventory

Populate your inventory by simply uploading a CSV file inventory items.

Multiple Warehouses

Maintain multiple warehouses and search and track item across all warehouses. Transfer items between warehouses.

Items Kitting

Kit inventory items and process process the kit from quote, invoice and sales order. It automatically adjusts the inventory when invoices or sales orders are processed.

Inventory Tracking

Track item history in detail as well as find item by lot#, serial#, barcode etc.


Set inventory alerts at inventory level as well as item level. Create PO in one click from an Alert.

Sales Order


Quote to Cash

Create a sales order from a quote by just one click. No data input is required. Track the original quote from Sales Order.

Kit Order

Create sales order for kit and items. Full life cycle: quote to order, fulfillment, return and cancel for Kit is supported. Inventory for kit items are auto adjusted.

Order Fulfill

Ship all line items of the order in one go or split the order. You can pick, pack, ship and track the remaining orders. Invoices are auto generated.

Returns and Cancel

Handle returns and cancels. For return it tracks original invoice and generates negative invoice.

Create PO

Create a purchase order from sales order in just one click.

Services & Goods

Handles sales order for both services and goods.

Purchase Order


Service & Goods

Create purchase order for goods or services. Instantly generate purchase reports.

Approve PO

Streamline your purchases through approval.

Budget Control

Control purchases though budget. Easy to set cost center and track remaining budget.


Create a purchase order in multiple currencies. Budget and report are auto adjusted.

Order Receive

Receive order and auto generate bills. For goods – receiving goods auto generates the bills and adjust inventory.

Why Datamoto Invoice Software?

  • Manage invoice online – You can create, track and manage your invoice online with Datamoto. Automate recurring invoices, and design your own invoice online by creating your own invoice templates. Invoices are fully customizable in Datamoto.
  • Recurring invoice – you can create recurring invoice profile and set the starting date and recurring intervals. Rest Datamoto invoice system will take care for you.
  • Track expenses – Datamoto tracks your invoices and you can find out status of your invoices instantly.
  • Get paid fast – Using Datamoto invoice software, you can get payment fast from your client.
  • Quote to Invoice – You can convert a quote to invoice in a single click. It reduces the error of manual input.
  • Invoice to Order – You can convert an invoice to sales order in a single click.
  • Datamoto invoice software lets you create invoice and quote in multiple currencies.
  • Datamoto invoice software lets you customize your invoice. You can create your own brand!
  • You can generate reports on invoice instantly in Datamoto invoice system to gain insight of your business.
  • Datamoto invoice system can be accessed anytime from anywhere. There is no software to install in your computer to create invoice. You just need internet access to run your business.
  • Datamoto invoice system is part of Datamoto business suite. This means along with invoice you can easily start using sales order and purchase order module if needed in future.