Inventory, invoice, sales and purchase order management

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Inventory & Order Management

Used by wholesalers, manufactures, real estate, high-tech, service companies…

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  • Invoice & Accounting

    Create, track and manage quote, invoice and payment online. Recurring invoice, foreign currency, PDF, and Email support. Customizable invoice. More

  • Sales Order Management

    Create sales order, fulfill order, split orders, handle return and cancel. Full cycles of quote to order and order to invoice are supported. More
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  • Purchase Order Management

    Create purchase orders in multiple currencies for goods & services with budget control and approval. Receive delivery and generate bills. Integrated inventory. More

  • Create Kit to order (sale multiple items as one)
  • Bill of materials (BoM) for manufacturing and assembly
  • Manage multiple warehouse locations
  • Transfer items between inventory locations
  • Direct inventory transfer between companies with auto invoice and bill generation
  • Set item code, vendor code and barcode for each item
  • Track every past activities of any inventory items
  • Set inventory alert at item level, global level or at kit and reorder quantity
  • Create purchase order with one-click from inventory alert or item
  • Search items by description, item number, location, lot, serial numbers and more
  • Integrated with sales and purchase order modules
  • Allow users to access only one warehouse location or all
  • Perfect for manufacturers, distributors, retail, construction, field service companies with service trucks and more


what clients are saying about us

  • Datamoto is a simple and the best online invoicing and sales order management software available in the market. We have been using this to operate our business for last two years.

    Kevin Barua
  • We use Datamoto for Purchase Order. It is very easy to use and fully featured. We choose Datamoto because it’s ability to handle foreign currencies, PO approval and budget control.

    Steve Martin

    FCL Construction
  • We selected Datamoto because of its complete inventory solution. Ability to maintain inventory in warehouse and trucks, and integrated with invoicing help us run our business better.

    Paul Doe

    BPT Heating & AirCon Service

Service Companies with Trucks


  • Create a quote/invoice/order with items from inventory, non-inventory items and labor charge.
  • Manage your goods centrally as well as in the trucks.
  • Instant reports for truck inventory.
  • Transfer goods between trucks and warehouse.
  • Setup alerts for inventory items.
  • Assign a manager to access all inventories including trucks.
  • Sales person can only sale items available in the truck.
  • Ability to order items instantly.
  • Process sales order, return and cancel in one click.
  • Just a click away to generate invoice.
  • Sales reports.
  • Inventory reports.

Key Benefits of Online Invoicing & Billing

Why pay for cloud invoicing & billing solution? Get it free here.

Professional looking quote and invoice for both Goods/Products & Services

Full life cycle support – quote to invoice and payment processing

Invoice templates to design data entry form including logo, header text etc.

Invoice in PDF and email Invoice

Recurring invoice to generate invoice automatically as schedule

Foreign currency & multi-currency support

Track invoice and process payments

Free inventory management linked with invoice and quote

Customers management

Reports – find the health of your business instantly

Integrated sales order and invoice

No data limits. No string attached


Manufacturing Companies

  • Convert a quote to sales order.
  • Book the order, create work order and notify customer.
  • Generate packing list, ship or generate delivery order.
  • Process return or cancel of an order.
  • Process order as products are ready – split the order.
  • One click purchase order from a sales order.
  • Fully integrated inventory.
  • Track every sales order, quote, invoice and inventory items.
  • Foreign currencies support.

Online sales order management

Suitable for service, construction, trading and manufacturing industries.

Very user friendly to use it
Order entry form is configurable
Full sales life cycle: Quote -> Order -> Fulfilment->Invoice->Payment
Track customer’s order from invoice or quote or inventory
Sales order application can fulfil complex orders
You can split, combine, ship, return and cancel orders
Generate work order and delivery order.
Integrated with accounting, invoice, billing and inventory
Support for both Goods/Products and Services industries
Multi-currency support
Up to date report instantly
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sales order invoice billing

Online purchase order management

Control your PO with cost center budget and approval process. Supports multi-currencies.

User friendly – no training is required
Full purchase life cycle: Quote -> Purchase Order -> Receiving -> Payment
Approval, receiving goods or services, generating bills and payment are supported
Create purchase order from either inventory alerts or sales order with just one click
Integrated with accounting, billing and inventory
Support for both Goods and Service industries
Multi-currency support
Up to date report instantly
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Purchase order for non profit organizations

Proper control of PO through approval

Control and monitor purchases through cost center and budget

Instant reporting

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Comparing with other Invoice software

You deserve the best

Very user friendly to use
You can customize quote, invoice and order extensively
Well integrated with inventory system
Invoice and quote applications works independently as well as with other modules
User management and permissions management
Start using sales order – it automatically integrate invoice and inventory
Start using purchase order – it automatically integrates billing and inventory
Customer, Vendor and Inventory management is free
Limited data plan is free for both sales and purchase order management modules

Comparing Datamoto Vs Freshbooks, Xero and QuickBook

Product/Features Freshbooks Xero QuickBooks QuickBooks Enterprise Datamoto
Bank Integration X
Basic Inventory
Advance Inventory X X X
Basic Sales Order X X X
Advanced Sales Order X X X
Basic Purchase Order X X
Enterprise Purchase Order X X X
Easy to use X X
Starting Price $9.95 $9 $39.95 $120 $5



Why Datamoto?

An incredibly easy to use CRM software for small, medium and large enterprises.

A true business partner – ready to help you to grow your business
Professional looking quote and invoice
Invoice templates including logo, header text etc.
Invoice in PDF and email Invoice
Recurring invoice and support of foreign currency in invoice
Track invoice and process payments
Inventory management linked with invoice and order management
Integrated sales order and invoice
Track invoice and process payments
Inventory management linked with invoice and order management
Integrated sales order and invoice
Workflow driven: fulfillment, returns, cancel, inventory adjustments, automatic invoice
Purchase order integrated with billing.
Order templates for customization

purchase order


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