Inventory, invoice, sales and purchase order management


Enterprise Grade Procurement System

  • Purchase order for service, non-inventory and inventory items
  • Optionally integrated with inventory and sales order modules
  • Approval – with or without workflow
  • Email notification and approval
  • Vendor list
  • Inventory tracking
  • Integrated sales order
  • Return or receive full or partial delivery – auto generation of bill/invoice
  • User access right control – you can setup who can see/write/approve what
  • Excellent for traders, wholesalers, manufacturers, service companies, educational institutes, high-techs, or any other organizations.
  • It is linked to Sales Order. More


Enterprise grade PO Approval

Simple to setup multi-level approvals for each cost (or budget) center
Just add email addresses of approvers in each level
Email notification is sent to approver at each level
Approver can approve, reject or return with comment from email
Approvers see only the list of POs waiting for their approval
All the approved POs are forwarded to the purchase+billing processing users
Authorized user can change the current PO approver
A PO which is in approval can be recalled simply by deleting it
Works for both inventory and non inventory related orders

Track Your Inventory with Purchase

Just by clicking a checkbox you can integrate inventory with purchase order module
All outstanding booked order levels can be viewed from inventory item
Every receive/return of delivery are tracked at item level in the inventory
Auto update of purchase price when delivery is received
Receive items to multiple warehouses

Create Purchase Order from Sales Order

For traders – you can create PO from a sales order
One click PO creation
Track POs for a sales order

Online Purchase Order Management – Budget Control

Datamoto makes it easy to create, approve and manage purchase orders online for goods and services. It is integrated with the billing to streamline payments and control expenses. If the purchase order is for goods then it automatically integrates inventory system to keep track of goods received.


  • Centralize your purchase decision making. Control PO through Approval.
  • Work within the budget of the cost center.
  • Create PO in multiple currencies.
  • Manage approved vendors list.
  • Avoid confusion and mistake on billing by auto bill generation.
  • Create PO from Sales Order in one click.
  • Very simple to use.


Key Features Order Management

  • Create purchase order for selected vendors only.
  • Only designated approvers can approve purchase orders.
  • For goods, it automatically integrated with the inventory system.
  • Generate PDF and email to customer.
  • Process return of an order.


Goods Receiving

  • A separate goods receiving module to receive goods for purchase orders. Especially useful for warehouse setting.
  • Received goods are automatically updated in the inventory and can be easily tracked.