Inventory Configurations

Datamoto provides following inventory configurations. You can go to inventory configuration by click on Inventory and then setting icon located on the the top right corner. On this page there is also a button to configure/add warehouses.
  Add vendor item# column in all POs. You may want to enable this if you maintain your own item code as well as vendor’s and you like to use vendor’s item code or number in all POs.
  Check this to update actual unit cost (purchase cost) of items automatically when you receive items through purchase order. Caution: returning items will not revert back to the original price.
  Enable LOT tracking. You MUST ADD LOT NUMBER TO EACH ITEM before you can use them. Click on Item and then edit to add lot number. Lot numbers can ONLY be used from Sales and Purchase order. To enable Lot, you must be at least in STANDARD subscription.

  Configuration for Inventory Add (Item definition) page
  Hide item configurations section from the page
  Hide input for Weight, Length, Height and Width from the page.
  Hide input for Specification from the page.
  Hide input for Country of Origin from the page.
  Hide input for Other Cost from the page.

Change the following item labels