Many times you prefer to print web page rather than PDF quote or invoice. Datamoto provides this functionality. Datamoto application calls Browser’s print functionality to print the web page. So, if you want to change how the page is printed then you must change browser’s Print configurations. Here are the instructions:

Internet Explorer:

  • Click on Browser’s setting icon at the top right corner and click Print from dropdown and select Page setup
  • Select the Page Size according to your requirement
  • Margins: set Left as 0.25 and Right as 0.25. Top and Bottom can be 0.75
  • Header and Footer: set Empty
  • Page number: if you do not need then set as Empty
  • Date in the page: if you do not need then set as Empty
  • Press OK

Chrome Bowser:

  • Click Browser’s setting icon (…) at the top right corner and then click on Print. It opens Print configuration and page preview.
  • Click on More Setting at the left bottom.
  • Margins: set as Minimum
  • Options: do not select the Header and footers

Firefox Bowser:

  • Click Browser’s File menu and then click on Print. It will open Print window. There you will click on Show Details. It will show you a larger window with more options.
  • Select Printer. Set the Paper Size to A4.
  • At the bottom there are Page Headers and Page Footers options. Select all the options to blank.
  • Then click to Print.

You only need to set the above once. Browser saves these setting automatically.